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My name is Margot Mayette. I am a flutist, arranger, and composer from Paris. I like to explore the various sides of the flute by experimenting many different sounds and pedal effects. I try out a lot of eclectic sounds but tend to play Soul, Jazz and  Electronic. Since I was young, my family listened to artists - such as Chick Corea, Al Jarreau, Keith Jarrett, and Stevie Wonder - that would inspire me to develop the style I have today. Recentley I also have been inspired by the work of Jamiroquai and Avishai Cohen. 


My musical journey began with private piano lessons at the age of six, which later lead me to play the flute at the W. A. Mozart Municipal Conservatory of Paris. In 2009, I began a five-year course at the Niedermeyer Conservatory of Issy-les-Moulineaux under the tuition of flutist Mihi Kim, who taught me how to develop my sound and technique and evolve as a musician. During the same period, I was enrolled at the International Music Educators of Paris (IMEP) Jazz school in Paris, which gave me the opportunity to work with musicians such as Rick Marguitza and Peter Giron. These lessons gave me the skills to improvise, arrange and compose for ensemble from string quartets to the vast array of instruments in a big band. At the same time, I also studied my craft with pianist Ludovic de Preissac and flutist Hervé Meschinet. My studies lead me to achieve diplomas both in Classical flute from the Conservatory in 2013 and in Jazz from the IMEP in 2014.


During these years in Paris, I also worked on various projects. In 2011, I played for a master class with Avishai Cohen at the "Chorus" festival in France and was invited by Ludovic de Preissac to play his arrangement of "West Side Story" at the festival "Jazz à Coeur" at Issy-les-Moulineaux. In 2013, I played a set with Hervé Meschinet at a Parisian jazz club Autour de midi.  The following year, I had the chance to work with composer Cyril Giroux to record the soundtrack to Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" performed at the Comédie Française in Paris.


I spent the rest of my time in Paris teaching the flute both in private lessons accross Paris and at the music school Musique & Compagnie in Nanterre, playing in various concerts and jam sessions in Parisian jazz clubs such as Baiser salé, Caveau des oubliettes and Sunset/Sunside. In 2013, a group of friends from the IMEP and I decided to start a band called ''Picpus''. We played our own arrangements of songs by famous artists that we love, such as Joshua Redman, Billy Cobbham, and Ahmad Jamal. 


After a successful audition in the Spring of 2014, Berklee College of Music granted me a scholarship, making my dream to study there come true. This enriching experience gave me the chance to study with many remarkable teachers, like flutist Matt Marvuglio, performer Livingston Taylor, bassist Eddie Gomez, and trumpet player Terrence Blanchard. I also had the opportunity to play on a television show pilot for producer Rob Lewis with special guest Brian McKnight. 


In March 2015, Berklee awarded me a second scholarship to continue my experience there for another year. I plan on making the most of this second year by recording many more projects and meeting talented musicians everyday. To this purpose, I started the ''Margot Mayette Project'', a soul, jazz and groove quartet. We play my original songs and arrangements of artists I admire. I am also starting to take private voice lessons at Berklee and my next goal is to be able to mix voice and flute in my future projects.


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